Mutant Mass Extreme Gainer 5.45kg


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Mutant Mass Extreme Gainer – The Mutant Brand

Mutant aren’t a brand for those looking to be average! Their legendary formulas appeal to those looking to push the boundaries. Their slogan ‘Leave Humanity Behind’ has been adopted by successful bodybuilders and athletes around the world!

Mutant Mass Extreme Gainer 2500 Macros

Mutant Mass 2500 is an extreme mass gaining formula. Most mass gainer shakes are packed with sugar, but not mutant’s version. This version is made from clean, high quality carbohdyrates which means each serving contains 230g of carbohydrates with only 4g of sugars. This will help to fuel your workouts and fill those muscles without pushing the waistline with too much sugar.

Mutant Mass is available in three delicious flavours which makes it ideal for those looking to pack on size.

Mutant is designed for the hard gainers who need to pack as many calories and carbohydrates into a meal as possible. Each serving contains over 1000kcal with 230g of carbohydrates coming from whole-food carbohydrates. This means you only have 4g of sugars per serving, perfect for the bulk and ideal for the waist line.

Mutant Mass Flavours

Mutant Mass flavours for sale in our shop:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Vanilla Ice Cream

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Cookies and Cream, Triple Chocolate, Vanilla Ice Cream