Swedish Supplements I Am F***ed Up




I am F***ed up – 300g. from Swedish Supplements. Hardcore Pre-Workout that provides a brutal and sustained pump during exercise, ensuring that your muscles are filled with blood and nutrients. Also providing extra focus and energy so you can prepare yourself for some intensive training. I Am Fucked Up from Swedish Supplements is one of Sweden’s leading products, which will give your workouts an extra boost and thus contribute to improved results.

  • Highly concentrated
  • Sticky feeling from beta alanine
  • Massive energy
  • Rakbladsvass focus feeling

I am F***ed up has once again received the little extra that distinguishes it from the crowd. In each serving, you will receive a balanced dose of creatine malate and beta alanine, adaptogens and uplifting as well as focussing substances that will help you perform more.

Creatine malate has well-known properties as it dissolves more easily in water than monohydrate and is absorbed easily by the body. Beta alanine gives a sense of tingling of the skin and works by helping to buff the karosin levels in the muscles and thereby reduce lactic acid.


Recommended dosage:
1 Serving (10 g) mixed with water. Take 30 minutes before physical activity. Begin with a lower dose to determine your tolerance level and then gradually increase until the desired effect is reached. However, exceed the recommended maximum dose of 1 bucket (10 g) per 24-hour period.


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