Strom Hangover Prevention Stack

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Strom Hangover Prevention Stack

Strom Sports GlutathioneMAX

Strom Sports GlutathioneMAX is carefully crafted with a potent blend of ingredients, including 4000mg of Choline Bitartrate, 200mg of Setria® Glutathione, and 200mg of S-Acetyl Glutathione. It was designed with both athletes and non-athletes in mind and suits anyones daily health regime.

With 40 servings per tub, this powerful formula is available in two refreshing flavours: lemonade and grape.

Serving Size: 1 scoop
Servings Per Tub: 40

Ingredients Per serving %RI*
Choline Bitartrate 4000mg **
Setria® Glutathione 200mg **
S-Acetyl Glutathione 200mg **

*RI = Reference Intake
** No Reference Intake


Consume one (1) serving on waking or pre-bed daily. At times of elevated oxidative stress you may consume a second serving however a single serving is adequate in most situations. The unique blend of Choline Bitartrate – Patented Setria® and S-A-Glutathione is specific to GlutathioneMAX and stacks well with SupportMax™ OCS and SupportMax™ Joint.


Strom HydraMAX

Strom HydraMAX | 90 serving tub
Per Serving:
TAURINE 5000mg
Do not exceed four servings per day.
Strom HydraMAX can be consumed at any point of the day or night as a hydration product.
We recommend 500ml of water per serving however that is mostly down to taste – You may use more water if desired.
Optimally consume an additional serving around your training window.
Do not exceed 4 servings per day.


Enhanced Physical Performance: Proper hydration before training optimizes endurance, strength, and coordination, allowing individuals to perform at their best during exercise.

Effective Temperature Regulation: Adequate hydration assists in maintaining an optimal body temperature, preventing overheating and reducing the risk of heat-related issues such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke during physical activity.

Increased Energy Levels: Staying properly hydrated helps combat feelings of fatigue and low energy, ensuring individuals have the resources needed for a more effective and enjoyable workout.

Joint Lubrication and Injury Prevention: Hydration contributes to joint lubrication, reducing friction and the risk of injury. Well-lubricated joints enhance flexibility and prevent discomfort during exercise.

Nutrient and Oxygen Transport: Proper fluid balance supports the efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells, promoting optimal muscle and organ function during exercise.

Electrolyte Balance for Muscle Function: Hydration plays a vital role in maintaining electrolyte balance, reducing the risk of muscle cramps, and supporting overall muscle function during physical activity.

Mental Focus and Alertness: Dehydration can impair cognitive function, leading to decreased focus and alertness. Staying hydrated supports optimal brain function during workouts.

Faster Recovery: Rehydration after exercise helps replace fluids lost through sweat and supports the body’s recovery mechanisms, reducing the risk of muscle soreness and promoting faster recovery.

Strom Hangover Prevention Stack

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